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And Wouldn't *YOU* Like to Know!

I did something overly spontaneous that I don't think ANY of you would be able to handle.


.(This blog is in the public setting where everyone can view this blog!)




Don't know if it really happened or the reprecussions of the buzz are tricking me into reality.

Either way, you'll never know about it.

Oh, and thanks to the crusty guy in Revolucion who decided to STICK HIS FRIGGIN HAND DOWN MY BUTT PANTS! ughh... that would be a slap on the face.  I also love how the fact that he said, "Girr, I laf you.."

Oh, and apparently I met a guy name Ryan who decided to call my cell... I don't remember if that happened.. all I know is that he's lacking... and that's all I'm sayin'!

I don't think that I will be ever capable of....

Gosh... I have some serious secrets.. maybe that's why my hair is so big..


God, this effing blog will not make sense when I read it tomorrow!

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