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Here's a TIP for you...

"Remember Harbor Boulevard
The dreaming days where the mess was made
Look how all the kids have grown, oh
We have changed but we're still the same."


I don't understand where [the lack of] parenting has gone these days.  When I was younger, I got in trouble for everything!  The "don't-touch-that" 's, "listen-to what-I'm-saying" 's, and yelling and grounding me and taking privileges away from me...  do parents not do that anymore???  I'm at work (where else?!), and I swear... there was this 5-year-old mutant who just epitomized atrocious conduct.  Slamming the store trashcans as the made loud noise, throwing the chairs.. I couldn't function!  And I was working on my commission, trying to book a damn tour!  UGH!  Not to mention, I thought this kid was a girl with long curly hair.. NOPE!  It was a boy that looked like a caveman!

Ironic, I'm facing "Harbor Boulevard" right now. 

So one of the tour drivers was kickin' back at one of our chairs this afternoon reading the USA Today paper.  It was still here, and I decided to take a look at it, and an article (well, a headline.. I didn't get a chance to fully read the article in its entirety) caught my attention.  It had to do with restaurants and tipping.  The trend is growing that the customary tipping will turn into mandatory service within the receipt.  Naturally, you see this with parties of 6 or more, but my point is... the whole idea of a "tip" from the customer is to award a service.  I had this conversation w/ Laura early this month because she puked in my car, so she wanted to take it for a carwash :) The guy who did the interior did a shit job, and honestly I didn't want to tip him.  But I did anyway.  Laura questioned me on why I tipped the guy, and I said because I kinda felt obligated to and that I felt bad.  No.  It should not have been that way.  I already paid for the service.  A tip is something that if you did a good job, you would be awarded for upon the customers' behalf.  Tipping in America has just aged to become something that workers expect.  In the industries I've worked in, people don't expect to tip the store associates.  And I don't expect customers at all to do so.  Infact, places that include tipping such as restaurants really shouldn't go to the server, in my opinion.  It should go to the chef! 

I'm going to hang out w/ one of my co-workers tonight.  Possibly going to see a movie @ Downtown Disney.  Red Eye is the choice we came across.  I heard it blew, but I don't care.  I wanna see it.

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