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Homework Intervention... journal! What else?!

I was on my way to work yesterday, and as I was approaching my exit of the freeway, a guy--with both our windows rolled up--was signalling me that my tire was flat.  I didn't even notice, but as I pressed on my brakes off the ramp, I heard a noise and felt that the car indeed had a flat tire.  Greeatt.  So I got off the freeway, and pulled into a little strip mini mart that seemed to be abandoned.  I called AAA and called Linda.  I called Linda mostly to bitch about the situation :)  Anyway, both came.  But yeah, I've had my share of flat tires, and I don't need anymore.  Mlah.

I completed my first two weeks of Fall 2005, ha it ain't over yet.  I'm not too worried about it because I really like my instructors, for the most part.  I'm taking 5 classes that include a Human Services seminar, Child Abuse, Crisis Intervention, Communications Ethics, and Communications Law.  I honestly think that the Law class is going to kick my ass.  Lucky for me, the instructor is nutty and somewhat engaging... AND!!!  Ms. Erin is in my class, thank God!  I honestly think I would have dropped the class and take it some other semester or other if she was not in the class. 

I'm kinda sick and tired of having to work on weekends... like all the time.  Every weekend, I work.  Mleh.  I guess it "pays" off.

I wanna go to Vegas.


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