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Coconut Conscience

Me: hey
Laura: how was laguana?                                                                                                                                                     
Courtney: it was good
Courtney: not spectacular
Laura: how was rob?
Courtney: ugh
Laura: :-D
Courtney: you know what i was thinking
Laura: that you only think of me on two occasions?
Courtney: :-P
Laura: :-..
Courtney: i need to engage in more activity or something... but a coconut fell on my head and said, "uhhh, courtney.. u r already wrestling your well engaged activity schedule already"
Laura: i didn't know coconuts could talk
Courtney: well ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts
Laura: what kind of activity?
Courtney: i think i just need to be more involved
Laura: bunch? i'd say horde
Courtney: but i think im already too involved in.... everything
Laura: involved in what?
Courtney: :-..
Courtney: i dunno
Laura: like a relationship? the gym? an extracirricular activity?
Courtney: all the above
Courtney: :-..
Laura: so do it?
Laura: so do it!

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