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And if You Gave a Damn, TAKE ME, baby, or LEAVE ME!

I'm weak, it's true.  I don't even know the answer... Fuck no.  I am not weak.

So yeah, I have a couple of things bothering me like no other.  Michael fucking pisses me off.  Why do I let him piss me off???  There will always be people like him.  I can't let it get to me.  It fucking sucks.  It bothers me because we have a history of friendship together.  So basically, we had plans that a group of us were going to see Rent on Sunday night including Stephen, myself, Michael, a co-worker and whoever else wanted to join.  Really, it was an open invitation.  So comes Sunday, and Michael doesn't answer his phone basically.  Once again, he manages to successfully douche everyone and be an uberly LAME friend and lag.  It ended up me and Stephen who went.  Oh, and Rent was truly amazing!

This really shouldn't bother me, but it is.  So basically Laura has a boyfriend. I am happy for her.  Really, I am.  I like the guy, Ricky.  He's a sweetheart.  He's a little smothering w/ his sweetheartness, but he has good intentions.  I'm just worried that my friendship between me and her will suffer.  It's a selfish thought, I know.  She is totally entitled to having a relationship, and no I'm not jealous.  I truly want  a relationship for her, for anybody.  I think it's because I probably don't understandObviously, I'm not in a relationship, and at the time when she didn't have a relationship, we were so close..still are.  We did everything together.  We called each other all the time.  Now, I think I'll be haulted a little.  And I need to realize that it's OK.  It just kinda sucks... that kind of change.  Like when I called her about 20 minutes ago, she was like "Hey, I kinda have someone on the phone right now.  Do you want me to call you later?"  I was like pretty much, "Nah, don't worry about it... just call me tomorrow."  But realistically, I can't be thee only person that she attends to.  So yes, I understand.... I just need to adapt.

Family is back from Vegas.  It was actually a great arrival.

I have new, sassy eyes.

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